Behind The Scenes of A Windex Commercial

This is a very detailed video from Atlanta based photographer Alex Koloskov as he shoots a very complex commercial image of a bottle of Windex. Definitely worth checking out if you have any interest at all in commercial photography, the process is a lot more complicated than you might think.

Check out more of Alex's work HERE.

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I've been following this guy for a while now. Akel studios he used to be called, maybe still is. Glad to see he made it to Fstoppers. He has some of the most detailed bts's I've seen, technically anyway. 

I've seen his work a lot, and his BTS (video and photo) are always really helpful, although I felt that this video would have benefited from a little more dialogue planning/scripting (and no, I'm not referring to his accent as his English is very good) to make things a little clearer and more engaging. His work is excellent though - very good of him to share, too.

Wow, that was a surprise! Tahnk you Nick for posting, thank you guys for commenting. Rafaela, I see what you are saying, but there is no way I can do any scripting and planning. Usually I have only 10-15 minutes to record such video, plus, I am spontaneous as hell:-)
So, everything is on the fly.

is that a phone hooked up to his camera??

I love this shot, Alex has some of the most informative tutorials out there. But, I disagree with your "complicated" statement. For anyone interested in commercial photography, please instead take this image to be a case of just how SIMPLE an amazing shot can be. And, more to the point, how easy an expert like Alex can make something look.

As far as product photography goes, this was an exceptionally clear cut and uncomplicated set up. 

@Satya Varghese Mac It is called "cyber commander" :-) Flash remote

I have been following Alex for a while and very thankful for all his superb and informative tutorials . This time though on a very serious note i wanted to ask how we can build a medium format camera the kind you have used for this shot . Its good for product photography and i want to assemble one for myself too . Thanks in Advance .