Brittany McLaren Shoots "South For Winter"

In my last post I talked about how it's not entirely necessary to have an overly complex lighting set up at every shoot. In fact, it's more important to have an interesting subject lit simply, than to have something boring lit with a million lights. So, check out this great shoot from Brittany McLaren. Lit with only a beauty dish, and occasionally  a big silver reflector Brittany has created some very dynamic images by combining simple lighting with an amazing location and some very cool costumes.

Check out more of Brittany McLaren's work HERE.

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These are great.


Well done.

I love the green / cyan desaturated color toning done in post always goes well with retro looks.

 I wonder how they achieve that colour-look.  Any ideas?

hi jacques ! 
i use a two part process to achieve that look. i usually play around with the color temperature on the RAW image in Capture One. after processing it out, i continue to tinker with color balance adjustments in Photoshop. thanks for the interest ! best,brittany

NIce the music as well..Anyone can help me with the name of this tune..PLEASE!!!

hi fofoloco - that song was a remix by one of my friends, a fantastic DJ based out of san diego named Dylan Jones (he sometimes goes by Cash Le Rok). it's a mashup, but i believe the hook is taken from a very small segment at the very end of the nine inch nails song "without you (everything falls apart)." best, brittany

Classically beautiful set of images, great work Brittany.

thank you, richard !! appreciate you checking out the work !

Brittany, way to push it!! You on your way to a bright future! All the best.

Thanks Brittany....All the best