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Tampa, Florida-based full-time photographer and writer specializing in higher education, portraiture and archaeology. My work has appeared in Fortune 500 corporate annual reports, newspapers, magazines, and web sites including The Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Fortune, Garden&Gun, MSNBC and USA Today. I have an MFA from the Savannah College of Art Design and teach as an adjunct professor of photography at the University of Tampa when not on assignment.

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Dear Joseph, a while ago, I posted here that Anton Orlov was a child molester. You had commented on an article here about his photography and adamantly stood up for him regarding this issue. I just wanted you to know that Anton pleaded GUILTY to lewd acts with a child on August 12th, 2014. This was molestation of my daughter, who was SIX at the time. He is going to be sentenced on September 25th this year. I understand that we want to try and protect people that we think are innocent. I "knew" Anton for 15 years and my ex husband asked him to watch our daughter which I agreed to because I trusted him. It was difficult for a lot of people, just like you, to believe that Anton could be this kind of person. But he plead GUILTY and I don't know one man on this planet that would do that in a million years unless of course, they were. I see that my comments were deleted. If you had a six year old that was molested, you would want the world to know, too. Sincerely, Sherri Goodwin