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The Dying Breath of a Snowflake

Macro photography is already difficult enough to master in my opinion. You have very small subjects that are usually moving around and capturing them at the closest possible distance takes loads of practice, and patience. Russian photographer Andrew Osokin has obviously put it some serious time honing his craft. He shoots wonderful images of your standard flowers and insects, but in my opinion his winter work is where he truly stands out.

Sarah Moon: The Master's Thoughts

Sarah Moon is an icon, without a doubt. Her work has been an inspiration to me from the beginning of my career. She's a soulful and deep artist and has certainly earned her spot as one of the top "100 most influential photographers." That's why hearing her explain the chaos of her mind while she shoots is such an amazing experience for me. It's the very same chaos that I experience, and I bet you do too.

When Getty and Google Team Up, You Lose.

Stock photography has always seemed to go one of two ways. Either you make a great living, or you memorize McDonald's value menu; however, no matter if stock income is your main source, or a small residual you need to know about Getty's current partnership with Google. On December 6th of 2012 Google Drive (a free service) announced on their blog that “5,000 new photos of nature, weather, animals, sports, food, education, technology, music and 8 other categories are now available for your use

Silica Gel-Pack Lens Caps Keep Fungus and Moisture Out

Dust and moisture are the enemies of your equipment's longevity. I'm sure most of us have experienced the annoyance of a foggy lens when moving from one environment to the next, but what about when that fog turns to fungus? Every lens eventually gets some dust in it, even the wonderfully expensive weather sealed professional lines.

Strangely Compelling, Constantly Inspiring.

There is one site that I consistently go to for inspiration . No matter how stuck I may feel or how many projects may demand my attention when I visit this dark and ominous page of collected brilliance I always leave refreshed. It may not always be safe for work, that part is pretty tough to predict as the work is always changing, but in my opinion the risk is worth it for the ideas and executions there. Not lighting diagrams, no explanations, just photography...lots and lots of amazing photography.

New Adapter Makes Your Lenses Wider, Faster and Sharper!

Impossible, right? That's what I said too when I ran across Metabones' new Speed Booster today (currently only available for pre-order). One important thing to get out of the way first off though before you get as excited as I did... this adapter is currently only available to convert from EF, ALPA and Leica-R mounts, to Sony NEX and Fuji X mirrorless cameras.