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Behind the Scenes with Martin Wonnacott for Jameson Irish Whiskey

It's been over a year since Profoto interviewed Martin Wonnacott about his amazing beverage photography. Now the man dubbed "the master of liquids" has released a behind the scenes video of his work for us all to drool over and try to dissect. There isn't anything to guide you through it either, just press pause a lot. Martin definitely knows how to make a

Joe McNally on Creating Lighting That Matches the Character of Your Location

Joe McNally does it again with a great video on making sure you're lighting for your overall scene. He breaks down the editorial by first discussing the message he wants to communicate, and then goes on to explain the whys and hows for lighting to achieve that vision. McNally is a great teacher and is able to convey these ideas in a way that even those new

Mobile Apps Essential to Your Photo Business

There is always talk about what apps you need to get in order to take cool photos, but the fact is you already have a camera. Quite honestly there is no camera or editing app that will greatly affect your business in my opinion, and that is what's truly important. So what apps does it take to really help streamline your business? I'll tell you what has worked wonders for me, and what I believe will do the same for you.

Metallic Mood Photoshoot BTS With Rob Werlinger

When Profoto contacted Portland-based fashion photographer Rob Werlinger about doing a blog post for them, he pulled out all the stops. "The concept revolved around metallics and you can see them used prominently in the wardrobe, makeup, and also reflected in the mood and emotion of the model,” writes Rob. “Since we were using the 'Profoto Pro-8a packs' that feature action-stopping short flash duration times, I wanted to bring in a strong element of motion as well.”

How to Photograph a Watch in Studio

It never ceases to amaze me when I see how complicated lighting setups for products can be. Thankfully photographer Phillip McCordall can walk us through his process with relative ease. This tutorial video definitely doesn't come close to the most complex setup, but of course it's still very interesting to see especially considering how cheap most of the modifiers are. This is seriously a setup most of you could do in your living room.

Michael David Adams "Hypnos" Fashion Shoot (BTS)

For this shoot, Michael David Adams developed his concept from the story of Hypnos, the god of sleep. It's moody, it's dark, and I love it. But check this out... lately I've gotten a lot of questions from people looking to make the move from naturally lit location shooting, into the studio. The problem many of these photographers are running into isn't just confined to learning strobes.

New CompactFlash Card With Built-in RAID

Most Pro-level DSLRs already give us the option for automatic backup of images using dual card slots. However, Japanese company Amulet aims to resolve the backup issue for prosumer DSLRs as well. Amulet is set to release a CompactFlash card that allows images and video files to be backed up instantly using RAID-style 'mirroring'. While set in "mirroring mode," the card splits it's space into two partitions effectively becoming two storage devices. It then records images

Sony Giving Up on Electronics?

Sony's electronics division isn't doing so hot. In fact it is apparently losing money on nearly every gadget it sells. If you're surprised at this, don't worry, you aren't alone. You may even be asking yourself what else they do. They have motion pictures and music but those endeavors have only contributed $7 billion to the company’s bottom line over the last decade. The electronics division has managed to lose a cumulative $8.5 billion in that time. So where do their profits come from?

H&M Life Interviews Photographer Olaf Heine

Olaf Heine is one of the world's most acclaimed music photographers and has photographed music icons such as Iggy Pop, Sting and Jon Bon Jovi. In this interview from H&M Life, Olaf talks about what it's like to work with these musicians and how best to convey your portrait ideas so they are well received. Obviously this is a good skill to have when trying to get someone on board with a more "off the wall" portrait concept...like tying Sting up and throwing him in a pool with his mouth taped up.

How To Light a Muscle Car with Tim Wallace

Anyone who has tried can tell you that lighting cars well is a difficult thing to do. The size of them, the lack of flat surfaces, how reflective they are, and the variety of different materials all make for one of the most trying photographic challenges out there. In this video, renowned automotive photographer Tim Wallace talks with us about the methods that have helped him to become so successful.

Photographer Liu Bolin Talks About His Process

Before we even get started on this video be sure to hit the closed captioning option on the Youtube video because the interpreter doesn't get it all. For those of you that don't know, Liu Bolin is also called "The Invisible Man" due to his series of images where he is painted to match his surroundings. In this video he talks not only about his process but also about his motivation. Like most great artists Bolin starts off by coming to an understanding of what he is trying to say. Not only

Behind the Scenes with Michael Grecco for Mens Health

Pro commercial and celebrity photographer Michael Grecco takes us on the set of his 2-day shoot for Men's Health and Procter & Gamble in this high end behind the scenes video. The parts of the video you want to watch move pretty quickly so there will be a lot of pausing if you want to see the lighting setups in any sort of detail. The consistent theme with light here is balance. One of my favorite things about Grecco is

Lightning Captured at 11,000 Frames Per Second

Originally captured back in 2011 the National Geographic show "Naked Science: Lightning Chasers" gave us a never before seen look at the anatomy of a lightning strike in ultra-slow motion. Although the footage is older the video is still amazing, and quite possibly the most detailed of it's kind (if there are any others). The first actual "bolt" of lightning (called a leader) proceeds in steps that lengthen by about 30 meters at a time. Each step taking about 1 microsecond

Creating Drama Through Cinematic Light

WDP 2012: Photographer of the Year Lauri Laukkanen guides us step by step through two images from his World War II inspired photo shoot explaining in detail what he used and why. The entire video is done using a stand-in model so we don't get to see much of the actual production but Lauri's explanation of his thought process is really what matters here. In fact the one thing I expect many of you will want to pay attention to is when he addresses feathering your light.

Street Bike BTS with Manchul Kim

I feel the need to preface this post by saying "don't try this at home." Sure, crazier things have been done to get a shot and this is relatively tame by comparison but that doesn't change the fact that a pothole could seriously ruin your day. That said, I love this video from Korean photographer Manchul Kim. Sure, I would have liked to see a second strobe team to the rear of the subject and off camera, but whatever, it's still cool. I especially enjoy how

Adventurer by Matthew Drozd (BTS)

Originally inspired by Indiana Jones for this image, photographer Matthew Drozd almost immediately ran into budgetary constraints. In this video he sits down with us to talk about how he came up with his concept, how he found his team, how he avoided potential equine issues and how he balanced his lighting to make the final composite. There isn't a lot of technical information to be had here (though the idea of flashes spooking a horse at night is important), but definitely take note of

Building Wealth as a Photographer

By far one of the most influential and yet devastating things I ever realized in my career was that Photography alone is not a viable path to become wealthy or even truly financially independent. In fact a few days ago CareerCast.com released a list of 200 jobs, ranked from best to worst, and photographer came in at #172, beaten soundly by garbage collectors.

Inspiration With Christopher Wahl (BTS)

Counted among legends like Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, Christopher Wahl is certainly a photographer that will define a time in image making. Global News 16x9 correspondent Carolyn Jarvis takes us behind the scenes with this portrait master as he shares his insights with us. He has photographed everyone from the Pope to the President and still remains grounded. When a man like that speaks, I think it's time to listen.

Photographer Gives Boy With Muscular Dystrophy a Chance to Live Out His Dreams

Luka, a boy who suffers from muscular dystrophy, dreams of playing basketball, skateboarding and diving. He dreams of doing all of the things his body won't allow him to. In a series called "The Little Prince" photographer Matej Peljhan strives to help Luka live out these dreams as best he can through imagery. He does this by creating imagined scenes on the ground for Luka to act out the motions of. The result

Creating KFC Photos the Colonel Would Be Proud of (BTS)

When KFC needed new, iconic images for their redesigned website they turned to Photographer Teri Campbell (author of Food Photography and Lighting: A Commercial Photographer's Guide to Creating Irresistible Images). After fine tuning the details of the production Teri, his 1Ds Mark III and the crew got to work. The project took a total of five days, and Teri takes us behind the scenes