Street Bike BTS with Manchul Kim

I feel the need to preface this post by saying "don't try this at home." Sure, crazier things have been done to get a shot and this is relatively tame by comparison but that doesn't change the fact that a pothole could seriously ruin your day. That said, I love this video from Korean photographer Manchul Kim. Sure, I would have liked to see a second strobe team to the rear of the subject and off camera, but whatever, it's still cool. I especially enjoy how it's all pretty obviously guerrilla shooting with complete disregard for permits of any kind.

So here's my question fellow photo'ers. I want to know what YOU would do differently. We all like to do the whole "oh that's cool, but what if?" game. So let's hear it, or see it if you're brave enough. What would you do with a street bike and a 300hp mobile studio?

Check out more from Manchul Kim at his website

Via ISO1200

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The locations are what make the shoot for me in this, yet they are not included in the final image.
I would pull back and shoot wider, with a more telephoto lens. Balance the strobe with available light by shooting earlier in the evening and show off the locations that you are risking a talking too by the police for.