Inspiration With Christopher Wahl (BTS)

Counted among legends like Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, Christopher Wahl is certainly a photographer that will define a time in image making. Global News 16x9 correspondent Carolyn Jarvis takes us behind the scenes with this portrait master as he shares his insights with us. He has photographed everyone from the Pope to the President and still remains grounded. When a man like that speaks, I think it's time to listen. Especially when the photo editor at Toronto Life Magazine, says of the hundreds of photos typically taken at a shoot, Wahl often submits only one.

“He’ll send one photo and say this is the shot,” says Neuhaus. “But he’s earned that.”

I hope that one catches your attention. He's earned it because his personal standards are so high that his clients know he won't fail them. Once you're past "The Wahl Show" as he calls it, you find an undeniable and overwhelming pursuit of perfection. From his 20 year career as a professional photographer Wahl will say he may have "10 good images." Even with all of that however, the most captivating part of this photographic icon is why he's chosen to stay located in Toronto, Canada rather than a major market like New York.

For this writer, Wahl's work has my admiration...but that choice has my absolute respect.

Via ISO1200 and Global News 16x9

(Oh, and the interview ends around the 10 minute mark...but those of you that are parents should consider watching until the end for a segment on magnets and your kids.)

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Kyle Whitney's picture

Cool. except for the political content.

Kyle Sanders's picture

It's a rough topic. In a way, I can identify with his situation, and it has nothing to do with politics and everything to with what you'd do for your family.

Kyle Whitney's picture

Okay, still didn't like that part.

raeolight's picture

I agree I'm not a fan of that either but he grew up where that thing is seen as ok

Max Materne's picture

Sorry, I'm not trying to seem like an idiot (I honestly want to know), what thing is seen as normal? I'm from Toronto so maybe it's something I have never considered.

Kyle Sanders's picture

Maximilian, it is a contentious subject in the states due to the nature of *implementation*. No one thinks that people having access to healthcare is a bad thing, but rather it's the nature of funding and regulating said healthcare is where the wrinkles come in.

As the situation currently stands, it would be impossible for any government to shoulder the burden of all of the medical expenses of our population without radical restructuring of the way things are billed and done. Malpractice lawsuits/insurance, research treatments, prescriptions, etc.

Conversely, you could even make the argument that our private sector, for-profit medical system provides financial incentive for the development of new life saving procedures and drugs.

Does that shed any light on our national attitude?

Max Materne's picture

I understand that. However, I still don't see why it should be an issue that he wants obamacare to work out in the end. Also I realize both systems are needed in order to provide for research advancements and caring for the whole population.

Cody Ash's picture

absolutely love this video. great share

Chris Knight's picture

Really great video!

Jacob DelaRosa's picture

Order of Business for any Portrait Photographer:

#1: Establish Rapport

#2: Take the photograph

Any idiot can push a button. It takes a genius to get someone to forget they are in front of a camera.

New hero, Thank you Fstprs.

Paul's picture

LOVE the video.

she reminds me of emma stone, not that thats what makes the video so great :P

Nixxx1959's picture

Nice guy, but comparisons to Avedon and Penn is silly do him no favours

Marcus Kempton's picture

4:23 angel on Earth