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The Making of an X-Rated Liqueur Product Shot (BTS)

Commercial photographer Alex Koloskov takes us through his setup for this relatively simple (although it uses five lights) product shot. While not an incredibly in depth video, there are definitely some often overlooked things it shows that should be committed to memory. The first is that in several cases a basin of dry ice in water can make a much more versatile fog than your standard Halloween store fog machine. Yes, it is more difficult to keep going but if your timing is good the results are worth it. Second, if you're shooting at the right angles black lexan/acryllic will reflect any color you want.  Third, tilt-shift lenses aren't just for architectural photography. They have a very solid use in product work as well and are pretty fun to play around with in that genre.

Is the photo the most impressive product shot you've ever seen? No, probably not... but if you're anything like me you're at least thinking about how to work a suspended tray of fog juice into your next studio session!



[via photigy]

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Looks like something that would be served at Quark's on Deep Space 9.

Hey David,
you forgot to add link to the original source of this video: http://www.photigy.com/the-making-of-x-rated-liqueur-alcohol-beverage-shot/

Adding a back link to a photographer's work is a good for the community, IMO, I always making sure we have all the links when sharing photographer's work on Photigy:-)
Thank you!

Agreed. Alex, you do amazing detail photography (and video!) -- and you even better, you share your secrets with the community. Guys like you deserve plenty of credit for your enthusiasm!

Thank you. IMO, everyone deserves credit when gets shared :-)

Our error.

The link has been added. Sorry about that and keep up the great work, Alex

Thank you Zach!

would love to see postproduction video too..where is it? :)