H&M Life Interviews Photographer Olaf Heine

Olaf Heine is one of the world's most acclaimed music photographers and has photographed music icons such as Iggy Pop, Sting and Jon Bon Jovi. In this interview from H&M Life, Olaf talks about what it's like to work with these musicians and how best to convey your portrait ideas so they are well received. Obviously this is a good skill to have when trying to get someone on board with a more "off the wall" portrait concept...like tying Sting up and throwing him in a pool with his mouth taped up. To be fair, I'm not sure that many people are going to be opposed to looking cool with a samurai sword like in his image with Snoop, but you never know.

We also get a peek behind the scenes as Olaf shoots a bit during the interview.

Check out more of Olaf's work on his website: olafheine.com

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That's how I feel about my subjects.