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LineCam Systems: Cable-Assisted Media Capture

LineCam Systems: Cable-Assisted Media Capture

An interesting system is in development via Kickstarter for video professionals to get excited about. The LineCam can most easily be compared to a zipline style "track" that can either be operated through gravity (with the Glide) or via remote control (with the Flow). The devices themselves appear to be very well designed and prototypes have already been used in the field by the GoPro Media Team, who had this to say:

"We had the chance to use the prototype LineCam System for the production of the GoPro HD3 product launch video. We are very impressed with the amazing shots that this system enabled us to achieve. Several things stand out, the ease of use, the quality of footage that we were able to achieve and the over all quality and thought that went into making this system are top notch. The first thing I noticed when I unpacked it was how well thought out the system was. Everything from the tensioning system, the pelican travel case and the custom cable clamps were spot on. Huge contribution to production capabilities and we look forward to getting our hands on a production unit when they become available."
Travis Pynn - GoPro Media Team

Overall the product seems like it could do very well under the right conditions, although personally I believe it will have problems with windy situations due to what appears to be a lack of a stabilization method so far. If that is resolved there doesn't seem to be much that will stop this product from doing very well.

The creators, Nick and Larry Braun, have put together quite a bit of information on their Kickstarter page as well as several videos demonstrating the capabilities of their system.

Check it out here.

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Cool yet simple idea!
Best of luck to them.

Sorry if I'm out of line here, but $510 for JUST the bare platform? Rigging kits for another 175? 6300 for the full kit? That's the same price as some Hexa or Octo copters, with less versatility. I don't have a full workshop and I could assemble that platform AND rigging with parts from Lowes for less than $75.

remember though, you can't fly a camera on a drone for commercial purposes unless you want to get fined by the FAA. I do agree that it is a bit expensive for what it is.

In Hungary you can use drones or RC copters for filming without special licence from the "FAA", but handling of these tools is much more harder than the cablecam (like
this LineCam). If you not an advanced RC pilot you shouldn't try to lift
up to the air your expensive gear with RC copter or drone.

I've worked with one of their systems, indoor mostly, and I can assure you it is well worth the price. Shooting indoors with an octo, which I've also been a part of, is no easy task, noisy and disruptive. The LineCam silently glides overhead, shot after shot, and allows you the ability get the shot no one else can even come close to, especially for the price. If you end up building a glide out of parts from Lowes, I'd love to see it in operation! Support these guys, not because they're doing something you can't, but because they're putting out a great product that is unmatched in affordability and versatility.