The Science of How to Stay Motivated in Your Work

Author Dan Ariely gave an interesting talk on motivation and how to feel good about our work at TEDx Rio de la Plata. Ariely suggests that it isn't money that truly motivates us, but meaning.  Ariely believes this is the difference between those that love what they do and those that don’t. Through a series of experiments Ariely shows how much we actually value meaning in our work. No, the talk doesn't specifically mention photography as a career but any savvy business owner knows that wisdom is valuable regardless. If you have trouble staying motivated or get down about your work sometimes, check the video out. Some of his suggestions may help you.

Via Lifehacker

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Years ago, I remember a study in which they asked managers and employees what motivates employees. Managers all said money. Employees all said appreciation.

This reminded me of that.

I've noticed that some of TED speakers are living in a different world than most of the common people.

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Yes, agree with you, but actually it's the same world, a world accessible to all of us if we want to aim for it, but as nothing is done without a minimum of effort... many feel that it is another world :)

Wonderful presentation.