Photographer Liu Bolin Talks About His Process

Before we even get started on this video be sure to hit the closed captioning option on the Youtube video because the interpreter doesn't get it all. For those of you that don't know, Liu Bolin is also called "The Invisible Man" due to his series of images where he is painted to match his surroundings. In this video he talks not only about his process but also about his motivation. Like most great artists Bolin starts off by coming to an understanding of what he is trying to say. Not only "why become invisible?" but also "what will making myself invisible here cause people to think?" Every images Bolin creates has a message and a purpose.

These statements are powerful and certainly require the kind of thought he puts into them. Solid planning and a clear idea are paramount for more than just the message though. Bolin has to spend hours standing in one spot while he is painted by hand in order to make these images happen. Which you can see a time-lapse of below.

Something important to note for those unfamiliar with this "Invisible" series, is that Liu makes it a point to wear a Chinese military uniform in every image, and at the core of each of these photographs is a powerful representation of China's social and Physical change.

Check out more of Bolin's work on his site

Via PetaPixel

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Jens Marklund's picture

Don't forget to activate the subs on youtube.

I have just shoot Liu Bolin 10 days ago. Really cool guy, was a pleasure seeing him and his team working on a new piece...

The best part was when 4 min into his speach the translator finally does his job and the crowd cheers.

That is brilliant. I've seen his work before, absolutely so creative.