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Wow Your Clients With This Beautiful Fine Art Album

Have you ever wondered what could separate your photography business from the competition, especially in crowded markets like engagement, wedding, and newborn photography? The Fine Art Album from Zno could be your unique selling point to make your business stand out.

Building Custom Photo Frames for a Gallery Show

Having a gallery show is a dream for most artists and photographers, and for my husband, David, and me, that dream finally became a reality. We had to figure out how to build professional looking custom frames for the show!
What Is Fine Art Photography ?

As I stood at the edge of the tranquil beach, a sense of both calm and disappointment washed over me. Having checked the weather forecasts closely, I was once again feeling let down as instead of crisp morning light, I instead had low clouds and very little light.

The Perfect Frames for Your Photos

Finding the perfect print option for your images can be daunting. Figuring out which paper to use is just the first part of the task. At least equally important for a printed photo's visual appeal is the right frame choice. And in this article, I show you frames that can elevate your images.

5 Documentaries Every Photographer and Creative Should Watch

I love all types of documentaries, and I think it's very important that artists and photographers educate themselves on the past greats and present ones working today. I watch documentaries on photography, fashion, art, and anything else I find interesting. It’s an education coming from a very successful person in that field that everyone can learn from, and I find them to be very inspirational. When I don’t feel inspired or I'm frustrated with things not working out for me, I put on a photography or artist doc and learn about their past struggles and their process that they go through. It’s always a great way to remind myself that everything is going to workout and to create that crazy idea.

Cyanotype Printing: Is It Photography, and How Do You Do It?

Explore the Art of the Cyanotype. In this article, we examine the step-by-step process of cyanotype printing and its place within the realm of photography. You can decide for yourself if you agree whether this is a photographic medium or not.

Embracing the Challenge of Nude Photo Shoots

Nude photo shoots can be intimidating for both the model and the photographer. Here's how I embraced the challenge, overcame intimidation, and found my creative flow.

The Worst Photographer Ever?

William Eggleston is best known for his color documentary photography, but the photos really just look like snapshots of the mundane. This is a great documentary to give you a little insight into his work.
5 Secrets of Waterfall Photography

Prepare to dive headfirst into the world of waterfall photography! In this article, we'll uncover the five secrets that will make your waterfall shots as majestic as possible. So, grab your camera, put on your raincoat, and let's embark on this adventure.

Photography Can Change the World: Farnaz Damnabi

Can photography change the world? Iranian artist and journalist Farnaz Damnabi's new exhibit, "UNVEILED," set to open at 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS, would seem to suggest yes, at least in part. I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that shifts in power structures can be turbulent. Even minor revisions in social identities can lead to conflict. Damnabi's exhibit is a document of the transformations in the identity, visibility, and recognition of women as equal and free participants in Iran, an unveiling of a new Iran, if you will.

Understanding Fine Art Photography With Leigh Schneider

As photographers, we often find ourselves at exciting places such as concerts, parties, and sporting events. Many photographers spend hours of their day working with other people. It is common to see photographers interacting with people and asking the people they are photographing to move a bit to the left or to position their hands differently. On the surface, it might seem that photographers are extroverts who love being out and about.

Mark Mann As You've Never Seen Him Before

We all know Mark Mann from the close-up, soul-bearing portraits of what feels like every celebrity, public figure, and president in current times. Prolific seems a fitting word that should be permanently grafted to any discussion of the artist’s work. Today, however, we are getting to know Mark Mann in a way that you never have.

Why Digital Is Better Than Film

Painting is an art form. So are music, prose, and dance. No one argues otherwise. But photography, since its very inception, has had to justify itself as a legitimate art form.

Radiant Photo Editor Adds Color Grading

I took a look at Radiant Photo when it first came out in September. I found it a capable editor, aimed mostly using AI to improve your color and the overall look of shadows, highlights, and other image parameters. It uses a pixel-by-pixel approach, which the developers claim gives you more creative control of the final result.

What Surveillance Photography Alone Cannot Show Us

As a medium, photography is all about sight. If you can’t see it, you can’t really take a photograph of it. The alternative is, of course, things like art, music, or prose where you don’t need to see something to make something about it.

Three Essential Questions for Your Next Project Proposal

As a photographer who works primarily within an art context, I often find myself seeking opportunities to share my work. In saying that, I would imagine being able to convincingly write and communicate about your work is a skill all photographers might find useful.

Does Art Have a Place in the World of Commercial Photography: Toni Meneguzzo's Diptych

The OED defines "diptych" as a pair of thematically linked paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. For Toni Meneguzzo, in light of his show, Diptych, opening at 29 Arts in Progress Gallery in Milan, the word seems to mean something much broader. Meneguzzo's Diptych is an invitation to engage with his newest work side by side with his growing legacy, perhaps as a challenge for the viewer to consider where art and commerce overlap.

Bringing Your Photography to World Class

Take a nice subject, awesome conditions, build up a pleasing composition, and you will get a great photograph. But there is still something important missing for getting it to world class. Therefore, we have to go even one step further.

The Ugly Truth About Iconic Places in Landscape Photography

There is nothing better than being out in nature, inhaling all the mood out there, deciding on the best possible camera position, and enjoying landscape photography. But what if there are 25 other photographers beside you so that it becomes difficult to move just 20 inches to the left or right without disturbing another photographer?

Have NFTs Eliminated Gatekeeping?

The claim is that NFTs got rid of gatekeeping in photography. Anyone can pick up a camera, mint a few NFTs, and make money. But what does this actually mean?

How to Master Red Sky Photography

Morning red needs some special requirements to appear. Find out how to plan and photograph red sky to get a masterpiece.

Rankin and 40 Graduating Photographers at Visual Noise

"Use your platform for good. Don't worry about your platform, be concerned with your impact." Very few people find success without a helping hand or barrels of luck. As one of photography's stars, Rankin is using his influence to help out young and emerging photographers through the Visual Noise art fair at Maryland Studios and online catalog through Public Offerings Ltd.

You Don't Need a Style to Create Good Images!

When I was first starting out, I got deeply into conversations about style. What is this thing that will get me hired? How do I get it? Recently, I’ve realized that a photographic style isn’t the be-all and end-all magical thing that many beginner photographers think it is.

Think Like an Artist and Improve Your Photography

Have you ever struggled with getting creative in your photography, but whatever you have tried, it didn’t solve the problem? Artists think in a very special way. Knowing how can massively change your photography.

NFTs Are Terrible: 6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Them

Given the number of big name photographers and huge brands jumping on board the NFT bandwagon, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the plethora of problems surrounding the NFT market had evaporated. You’d be wrong. NFTs are a still terrible idea, riddled with problems.

Get Published, Get a Showing at Unpublished Photo 2022 (UP22): Call for Entries

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, in Venice, Fondazione Culture e Musei and Museo delle Culture (MUSEC) of Lugano, and 29 Arts in Progress, of Milan are supporting the fourth edition of the open call: UNPUBLISHED PHOTO 2022 – UP22. The open contest is designed to showcase young talents (under 36) in contemporary photography.

XXL Printing: What To Consider for Printing Bigger Than A0

How many megapixels do we need? What do we have to consider already out on location, that we are able to print big afterward? How do we choose the right printing material, and how can we be sure to get the best possible printing result in the end?

The 120-Year-Old Argument Against Gear

Alfred Stieglitz’s influence on photography is incomparable. Hailed as the "father of pictorialism," he not only helped define the movement but helped forward photography’s place in a broader art context.

Iris Photography: Could This Be Your Niche?

With an ever-increasing line of new photographic studios popping up, how do you carve out an income for yourself and at the same time create a niche for your business? Have you considered iris photography?

Is This Historic Photo Massively Underrated?

In 1839, Louis Daguerre captured his seminal image: Boulevard du Temple, a 5 x 6 inch plate shot from his studio window. It is famed for being the first image to feature the human form, but should it also be regarded as a masterpiece of photographic composition?

How to Start With Fine Art Photography

Creating something new is the most important ingredient for making art. But we can’t create something new when we just capture a scene in reality. The trick is bringing an artistic concept to your photographs.

We Interview R. J. Kern: 5 Tips for Emerging Fine Art Photographers

Finding success in a single area of the photography industry is no small task. And yet, R. J. Kern has managed to find success not only as a wedding photographer but now as a fine art photographer as well. I sat down with him one afternoon to pick his brain on his top five tips for emerging fine art photographers.

Photographer Alfie Bowen, Champion Of The Overlooked

Ask 100 photographers what started them to pursue the medium, and you will hear 100 different answers. Follow up that question with what drives each of them to keep pursuing photography, and you again will find 100 different responses.

Is Ansel Adams Still Relevant?

No landscape photographer is as iconic to the genre as Ansel Adams. But can someone who worked primarily in black and white and whose heyday was over half a century ago still teach us anything today?

4 Reasons Food Photographers Should Shoot Fine Art Food Photography

An important part of growing as a photographer is shooting personal projects. If you are a food photographer, it can be extremely easy to get stuck in a rut because you are shooting the same modern images over and over. An easy and important way to combat this is to shoot food as fine art.

Domestic Cacaphony: A Frank Lee Film

Frank Lee blends mundane domestic visuals against the backdrop of equally repetitive sounds to create not mere actuality, but reality.