Photographer Gives Boy With Muscular Dystrophy a Chance to Live Out His Dreams

Photographer Gives Boy With Muscular Dystrophy a Chance to Live Out His Dreams

Luka, a boy who suffers from muscular dystrophy, dreams of playing basketball, skateboarding and diving. He dreams of doing all of the things his body won't allow him to. In a series called "The Little Prince" photographer Matej Peljhan strives to help Luka live out these dreams as best he can through imagery. He does this by creating imagined scenes on the ground for Luka to act out the motions of. The result is a wonderful lesson in appreciating what we have.


Go look at more of Peljhan's work on his site

Via Gizmodo

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These are wonderful Matej.....excellent work. I am sure Luka will treasure these very important photographs. May God bless you....

What an amazing concept. I hope one day you can juxtapose these images with him actually doing them.

Nice! This is what photography can really do to help people! Well done!

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MS and muscular dystrophy are not the same thing

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I still have no idea what any of those are.

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Yup. Better research needed here.

Yikes, FS...

Does it really matter in this situation?

They're two totally different diseases, with different issues. It does matter, for consistancy sake.

It really is funny how many errors Fstoppers allows in their articles's like every other article has a spelling error, or a general info error that a reader always, tighten up!

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Well my younger brother and sister both have muscular dystrophy, which is a disease a surprising number of people are unaware of, so yeah, it's important to me that it be identified correctly. Also the symptoms are completely different so having the incorrect title is misinforming the public.

My mistake guys. Sorry about that. Thankfully I'm a photographer, not a doctor.

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wow - great stuff

I could "copy" this. Yes, copy (the concept). It's a great idea and the final photo could make people happy. It's not always about being original, but of doing good stuff for others

What an awesome idea! I'm sure he'll treasure those photos.
Note to David: In the title you said he has MS, which is multiple sclerosis (my uncle had that), but it te article you said he had muscular dystrophy. Can you please edit and fix that when you can. Thank you.

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OMG, this is so simple and yet so wonderfully creative and fulfilling. Yes, I'm crying right now.

I was wondering why the interest in a child with a disability(I have a disability, and am a photographer). I clicked the link to his web site. Great work!

from his website:

Matej Peljhan was born in 1967 and spent his entire childhood in a small village Col above the Vipava Valley, Slovenia.

At the age of 10, while playing with his friends, he experiences a
severe accident with some explosive devices, scattered around during the
World War II. He suffers numerous injuries, the most severes being the
loss of his right arm and an eye. He finishes elementary school in his
home town and some years later the secondary school »Jurij Vega« in
Idrija, during all this period undergoing painful medical treatment and

He decides to study psychology at the University of Ljubljana and
finishes his studies in 1992. Very soon he finds his first employment
but decides to proceed with his studies in the field of clinical
psychology, which helps him a lot in his daily work with the children
with special needs. He lives in Ljubljana with his wife and their three

Made my day. Thanks.

How come the Lakers Jersey is backwards? Otherwise very cool and imaginative...wish I had the tools to dream this stuff up!