Creating KFC Photos the Colonel Would Be Proud of (BTS)

Creating KFC Photos the Colonel Would Be Proud of (BTS)

When KFC needed new, iconic images for their redesigned website they turned to Photographer Teri Campbell (author of Food Photography and Lighting: A Commercial Photographer's Guide to Creating Irresistible Images). After fine tuning the details of the production Teri, his 1Ds Mark III and the crew got to work. The project took a total of five days, and Teri takes us behind the scenes for the entire production of his images. From landing the job, to installing proprietary fryers into the studio and processing the final image files for easy client changes, Teri talks about it all.


There are a few setup images and an explanation of how they came to the final look (including why it's a composite) in the original article. What purpose does the black velvet on the right in the shot above serve? It might not be what you think.


Go check out the full article on Petapixel.

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Zach Sutton's picture

I'm vegetarian and that looks pretty delicious.

Dr.Galactus's picture

Pretty photos totally make up for

it does not look like that in the KFC store , chicken there look mangled and not appealing to eat .

You can tell they are really trying to push for a more home-style product. Look at that pot pie in a pot. We all know it doesn't come like that. Oddly enough, not matter what this food looks like in print or in person.............IT TASTES AWESOME!!!!