Michael David Adams "Hypnos" Fashion Shoot (BTS)

For this shoot, Michael David Adams developed his concept from the story of Hypnos, the god of sleep. It's moody, it's dark, and I love it. But check this out... lately I've gotten a lot of questions from people looking to make the move from naturally lit location shooting, into the studio. The problem many of these photographers are running into isn't just confined to learning strobes. Several are struggling to recreate the interesting sets they come across on location. Now of course set building isn't always feasible in the studio (like if you want to make a field of flowers) but interesting "locations" can still be made.

That is my favorite aspect of this video. The studio flats they are using are awesome. Simple, dynamic and beautiful. Throw in a little light fog for atmosphere and all of the sudden you have a scene that's fairly simple to create. Are you going to create a bright and happy lifestyle image in that studio? Not without a lot more work, but it shows that you aren't limited to a solid seamless just cause you're in a windowless studio.

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Great concept, beautifully executed.

Isn't this a really old video? I think I remember watching it last year...and bookmarked it back then...