Behind Charlie Sheen's Rolling Stone Cover Shoot (NSFW:language)

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Here is a short video featuring Charlie Sheen commentating on his RollingStones cover shoot. No offense Charlie but I would personally love to see this video with comments from Peggy Sirota, the photographer taking the shots. Maybe if we ask nice, our very own Reese Moore could track her down for an FS Spotlight. I mean let's be honest. Isn't it just about every photographer's wet dream to shoot for RollingStones? Raise your hand. If you didn't just raise your hand you're either a liar of a wedding photographer. :P

RollingStones via YouTube: Charlie Sheen revealed a softer side behind the scenes of his Rolling Stone cover shoot, which brought back memories of his father Martin Sheen's own shoot with Annie Leibovitz 32 years ago. "I thought, 'I wanna do that; I wanna be on the cover of Rolling Stone," recalled Sheen. "And now I am. I'm really moved by what today means to me ... I can't lie to you, it's fuckin' bitchin', OK?"

A year after Sheen's very public split from Two and a Half Men, his new TV series Anger Management premieres on FX on June 28th. "There weren't any offers; I was blackballed in this frickin' town," said Sheen, who helped develop the show. "So I took it upon myself to generate something and say, 'I'm not done yet.' I'm not done because they say I'm done," added the actor of Men -- or, as he put it, "that quagmire of loser over on Stage 26."

Sheen also touched on his musical tastes. "I'm a Jimmy Buffet fan and a Slash fan," he said. "My playlist is really, really bizarre, but makes perfect sense at the same time."

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It's fuckin bitchin, OK? HAHAH! Love it

His playlist makes sense to me ;) 

He is a FREAKIN loser!!

On the cover of rolling stone...

yes, on the cover

Compared to whom? You? Who are you again?

The cover photo is great. The comments on the facebook page I find excessively ridiculous but I do enjoy reading the wedding and wanna be photographer insights though. Peggy Sirota captured the perfect moment and image of Charlie and from what I saw in the short vid he looked like a fine subject, very co-operative probably more so then any brides maids you find at a wedding, so who do you think are the real divas? I think the shot is great and yes Rolling Stone has had some unappealing issues but hey you can't please everyone when your in business and at the top of the heap. 

Well said Johnny!!! +1

(NSFW:LANGUAGE not laungage) :-)

There is a lot to be said for consistency.. And if there's one thing you can say about Chuck is... He's consistent

Always has been, probably always will be. it's not like you don't know what your getting straight out fo the box. .

Cheers and much continued success!