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Kodak Makes a Comeback with Winning Film Features at the Cannes Film Festival

Kodak made big waves at this year's Cannes Festival announcing 12 features shot on Kodak film. Including Olivier Assayas’s film "Personal Shopper" staring actress Kristen Stewart, where he took home the award for Best Director and was given lengthy five minute standing ovation. This was a huge milestone for Kodak since the rise of digital technology combined with the ability to shoot 4K footage film looked to be a medium of the past. Kodak defied the odds and not only secured film as a viable creative choice, but has rebranded themselves into a thriving film market once again.

Shooting A-List Celebrities with Polaroid Cameras

It seems like everyone is a photographer nowadays, and with technology getting cheaper and cheaper, it seems like every which way you look you are seeing another person snapping away on a DSLR. The question is how do you separate yourself from the masses. It can be a daunting task to do something different. But It’s not as hard as you think. It might be something you stopped using a long time ago.

Apple Introduces Rose Gold MacBook With Feather-Light Design, Faster Chips, and Best Battery Life Yet

For those Apple consumers looking for a laptop with a Midas touch, Apple’s newest addition to the Macbook family has officially gone from pre-order to available for same day shipping. Apple has made some significant changes with their newest model, most notably being the rose gold finish. This color first debuted on the iPhone 6s Plus in September 2015, with those models selling out internationally within days. Regardless of the memory or size you wanted for your phone, Apple had a three-to-four week wait to restock this color option. I can only foresee this newest computer model selling out with the same passion.

10 Modern Tintype Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

After recently buying 200 tintypes from the deep archives of estate sales, eBay, and Etsy auctions, I became transfixed by seeking out if there was still anyone making imagery using this 160-year-old process. I found a wide range of Instagram accounts ranging from those just starting out to those with thousands of followers. These are the top 10 tintype photographers that stood out with their compelling visuals and dedication to keeping this lost art alive.

Photographer Creates Haunting Reminder of Why We Need Earth Day

Now that everyone's feeds have been flooded with typical Earth Day stock imagery of beautiful rolling hills, ocean waves, and lush trees, Photographer Joe Freeman takes a darker tone and shows us the harsh reality of what future generations will see if humanity continues on the same devastating path.

The Best Vehicles for Professional Photographers: What Do You Drive?

I always had a strong love/hate relationship with the New York City subway, never picturing I would be driving again. But now that my work is having me travel more frequently, I find myself in the market, looking for that perfect vehicle. The first thing I did was a search for "Best Vehicles for Professional Photographers" on Google, with no luck. So, after further work, I wanted to share my findings and knowledge with you, so when you start looking for that perfect photo-mobile, you know just where to start!

The Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens

"The Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens is a revival of a lost esthetic that disappeared from photography some 175 years ago. Based on the Charles Chevalier's historical lens model and built using a unique achromat design, you can now create modern images that look like world's earliest photographs bathed in a powerful, alluring veil of light."


Nearly every photographer owns a film camera whether it be in the dark recesses collecting dust or they use it on a regular basis. The most common reaction when people see one of these film beauties out and about is shocked that you can still acquire the film to shoot with one of these models. So if you own a 35mm, Polaroid, or even a medium format film camera, Dust it off! Don't know where to begin on buying film? Have no fear! I have become your personal film guide and have tried and tested all the major players out there in the film world, so you don't have to!