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Dylan Osborne
Denver, CO
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Growing up, I remember my parents letting my older brother and sister use their camera and I was pretty upset that I was too young to partake. Try as I would, the answer was always “no” until my parents gave me my grandfather’s hand-me-down Kodak disc film camera when I was seven. It was fun to use and take snapshots with, but it wasn’t until I learned Photoshop in middle school that I was hooked. With that, I could take pictures of my brother and Photoshop mullets and tattoos on him. This is when I began to learn that photography isn’t taken, it’s created. My main goal going into high school was to take as many photography classes as I could. I did well and liked B&W processing for a while but the cost/time it took to achieve what I wanted drove me away. In college, I initially took an interest in design and more traditional arts like printmaking. Then my dad gave me a digital camera my sophomore year and it was all over—I started taking photography classes again and fell in love. Now my camera and I are inseparable and I awake each day inspired.

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That's a rockin' 'stache - you get points for that, and your diverse and interesting portfolio!

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thanks Deane!