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Undone Glamour: The Photography of Neave Bozorgi (NSFW)

Photographer Neave Bozorgi’s work captures the seemingly effortless beauty of his subjects, evoking a sense of undone glamour and sun-soaked easiness synonymous with the urban west coast. I talked with Bozorgi about the evolution of his work since his start in 2011, and where he’s headed next.

Tokyo in Black and White: The Street Photography of Tatsuo Suzuki

Japanese photographer Tatsuo Suzuki captures the frenetic atmosphere of Tokyo through richly toned black and white street photography. Suzuki’s use of long exposures and high contrast serve to emphasize the overwhelming experience of navigating a massive urban environment.

Photographer Michael Salisbury Beautifully Captures the Urban Landscape of Chicago

Photographer Michael Salisbury’s stunning work captures the multifaceted urban landscape of Chicago, finding the symmetry and vivid color in often overlooked settings. Salisbury’s images showcase the intricate patterns of line and color created by the city’s massive buildings and public transportation systems; reminding us why, even in the busiest of urban environments, it pays to stop and look around.

Fleeting Moments from Chongqing: The Street Photography of Lu Gen

Freelance photographer Lu Gen captures fleeting moments on the streets of Chongqing, China, where he is based. With subjects framed naturally by pops of color and pattern, his photographs are both beautifully cinematic and deeply real. While his work incorporates elements of classic street photography, it is highly intimate; often focusing on a single subject within the context of the city.

Submit Your Photos Now for The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards

EyeEm, the community-focused photo sharing app, is now taking photographic submissions for its 2014 Awards contest. Users of the app (avilable on Android and iPhone) can upload their photographs for free in any one of ten categories reflecting aspects of modern photography to be eligible for a selection of prizes and publication opportunities.

Incredible Macro Photographs Showcase the Unseen Details of Insects

Donald Jusa’s macro photography captures the beautiful, usually unseen details of insects. Jusa’s colorful images showcase the strange and colorful bodies of insects collected in the forests of Indonesia. Using a technique called focus stacking, which merges several images to create greater depth, Jusa creates highly detailed portraits.

"Natura Morta" Series Explores Life and Death Through Colorful Memorials to Deceased Animals

Russian photographer Maria Ionova-Gribina’s haunting series Natura Morta documents the beautiful, intricate scenes she has built to memorialize deceased animals. Finding dead animals “during bicycle rides to the sea in the summer,” Ionova-Gribina says they struck her as “so unprotected” prompting her so “save them for [the] world of art.”

Haunting Photographs of the Siberian City of Norilsk Contrast Colorful Architecture with Devastating Industrial Pollution

Russian photographer Slava Stepanov, who publishes his photography under the moniker “Gelio”, specializes in intriguing aerial photographs of massive Eastern European industrial cities. Gelio’s images of Siberia’s Norilsk, the world’s northernmost large city, reveal the dichotomy of devastating pollution and stunningly cold climate and colorful, neatly organized industrial architecture.

Antoine Bruy Documents Individuals Who Have Abandoned Society for the Simplicity of Wilderness

Twenty-eight year old photographer Antoine Bruy’s ongoing project “Scrublands” documents the lives of those who have chosen a tranquil, isolated existence far removed from developed society. Farming and foraging and living in handmade shelters made from recycled materials, the individuals in Bruy’s photographs have thrown off the comforts-and the expectations-of fast-paced modern life in favor of peace and simplicity.

An Exploration of Home: Photographer Finn Beales' "Postcards from Wales" Series

Photographer Finn Beales’ work spans the genres of lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography to create stunning narratives that explore the natural beauty of the locations he visits. Dividing the majority of his personal portfolio according to location and time spent (i.e. “48 hours in Denmark”); Beales pulls his audience into his experiences to communicate what it means to explore a new city-or country-for a preciously short time.

Series Creates Dreamlike Black and White Landscapes Through Lengthy Exposures

Greek fine art photographer Vassilis Tangoulis creates beautiful, dreamlike landscapes through lengthy exposures in his black and white series “Misty Scapes;” incorporating the “fourth dimension” of time into his work. Over the course of the exposures, fog swirls around a tree, a boat, or a grouping of rocks; erasing smaller details in the surrounding landscape to highlight the central subject.

A Tribute to Discomfort Tells the Inspiring Story of National Geographic Photographer Cory Richards

In a short film created by media group Blue Chalk, photographer Cory Richards discusses his growth as a photographer and his experiences shooting in some of the most beautiful-and dangerous-places on earth. Essentially homeless after dropping out of high school at 14, Richards credits the observance of the "richness that comes with struggle" for his initial education as a visual storyteller.

'Blue Iceland' Series Features Richly Detailed Landscapes in Infrared

Photographer Andy Lee’s “Blue Iceland” series, shot in infrared, portrays the stunning terrain of Iceland in a new way. The country’s classic bright greens and delicate blues are replaced with thick shadows and bright bursts of white and blue emanating from the mountainous terrain. Devoid of human presence, the series is eerily captivating.

Evocative "Portraits of the Blues" Series Pays Homage to Mississippi Musicians

Commercial photographer Lou Bopp’s series ‘Portraits of the Blues’ pays tribute to the blues musicians of the Mississippi Delta through a series of striking, honest portraits. I spoke with Lou about the project, and his experience photographing blues legends like Big George Brock and Wesley “Junebug” Jefferson.

Series Documents the Dangerous, Fascinating Work of Commercial Fishermen on the Bering Sea

Photographer Corey Arnold’s series ‘Fish-Work: The Bering Sea’ documents the daily lives of commercial fishermen aboard the f/v Rollo during winter crabbing expeditions-considered one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. Arnold’s photographs show the fishermen’s complex relationship to the fierce ocean and deadly storms that surround them, showing the dichotomy of exhaustion and awe; frustration and exhilaration.

David Allee Explores Brooklyn's Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory

In 2012, photographer David Allee was given permission to explore and photograph the abandoned Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Photographing for over a year, Allee covered the 90,000 square foot factory, documenting the abandoned equipment, graffiti, and pervasive sugary residue, describing the smell of the factory as “crème-brûlée mixed with mold and rot.”