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Ernesto Borges
Las Vegas, NV
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I have always been an adventurous person and very interested in nature.
From an early age, my parents took me to swimming lessons and introduced me to other physical activities channeling all my energy.At the age of 8, my father decided to teach me the basic operations of a camera: focal ranges, principles of color, and capturing light. I expressed a desire to try different sports including: surfing , skating , bmx riding, breakdancing , martial arts, capoeira, boogie boarding , rock climbing , and in skating aggressive ramps, in which I competed inINTERNATIONAL circuits professionally.Although I had no formal training, at sixteen, I began shooting and editing my own skate videos, documenting bands, and making teasers for local TV channels. At age 24, I was awarded aSCHOLARSHIP
to study Visual Communications at the Center for Digital Design. After two years of studying, the institution asked me to be part of the faculty teaching staff. My areas of expertise included guest workshops in Filmmaking and Photography, full time classes in Graphic Design, Flash Programming, Design, and Video Editing.
I received an interestingJOB OFFER from a well know Broadway Director, Phil McKinley.
He asked me to be part of a theatrical circus show in Singapore called ” Voyage de la vie”. My act included skating a two meter wide rotating half pipe while wearing pyrotechnic skates.
I desired to explore the landscape and rich culture of photography while living in Singapore. I was exposed to

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