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Jaime Ibarra
Austin, TX
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Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer
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I am an accomplished Flamenco guitarist/composer, a graphic designer, and (for the past few years of my life) a photographer.

I have traveled to many points on this planet. I possess a hyperactive imagination, along with an obsessive need to create. I have a tendency to romanticize just about everything in my life. Oh...and I hear colours (synaesthesia). Simply-put, my 'style' is the visual amalgamation of these things.

Tutorial videos of my post-production techniques available at www.ibarraphoto.com/shop

And just for the record: my name is Jaime ("HI-may")...not Jamie ("JAY-mee")...it's the Spaniard in me :)

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Hi-may, your pictures are more than beautiful. they are going deep into the viewers soul. they are touching, they are inspiring and somehow psychedelic. I love them all!

Hey! It's an amazing work here. I'm in love, lol!!
Great work, good job Jaime. You're like an inspiration source for me now!!!
Thx for sharing

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Jaime, you truly are an amazing artist! When I grow up, I wanna be like Jaime! lol

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Good to meet a fellow synesthete on here! Your work looks/feels/sounds amazing!

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What an accomplished portfolio you have displayed here. Thank you for sharing.

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great work!

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Amazing work!

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You are such an inspiration...if only I were half as creative as you are!

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Impressive Portfolio!!!