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Matt Moser
North Canton, OH
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Graphic Designer, Photographer
Moser Photoworks
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My name is Matt Moser and I currently reside in North Canton, Ohio. I've always considered myself a creative individual since I was a young, confused adolescent teenager. Growing up, I discovered numerous art styles, which led me to my profession of graphic designer.

My passion for photography happened right after graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2006. Considering I wasn't offered photography courses with my degree there, I took the time and dedication reading and experimenting to get where I'm at today. Though I've come a long way, I'm still learning new areas.

As of photography, I specialize in 'Live Music'. I started this back in June of 2013 when my friend invited me down to photograph her band. I instantly fell in love. Some acts I have shot include: Tesla, Children of Bodom, Death Angel, Tantric, Filter, and Red Sun Rising.

As the journey started, my biggest inspirations would have to be Bryan Peterson, Scott Kelby and Trey Ratcliff. All of which possess unique traits to the world of photography. From learning the basics of camera control with Bryan, to Scott's incredible helpful techniques and instructional videos, to Trey's insight of HDR and composition. You guy's rock!

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