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Samten Norbù
Strasbourg, FR
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Samten Norbù
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I'm a French photographer based in a small town where I struggle with my dreamscapes and the reality.
I've been doing photography since 7 years now and I can't imagine doing anything else, even if in my small
field of fine art photography there is not a lot of places around ...

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Hi everyone,
as the year 2016 is coming to it's end, I made a little retrospective of my photo work ...

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I've just been selected as finalist in for the Hasselblad Masters !!!!
I'm very glad that I've made it up to there, but now I need your votes to help me win this contest !
So you can go there :
And if you like it, vote for my picture ( the one with the couple laying on the grass )

Thank's to all of you !!! :)

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Today I'm super happy because I've reach 6000 fans on my page ! It's always comforting !
If you want to be part of it ... :