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Thomas Reitinger
Florstadt, DE
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Photographer, Producer
Thomas Reitinger Photography
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Alien Headshots - Behind the Scenes - Michaela Zeng, Thomas Reitinger
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I am Thomas Reitinger, but please call me Thomas.
Born and grown up in a small town near Frankfurt Main in Germany.
As an Autodidact I get what I want by myself, but as any other child I wasn’t focused enough on a topic to get really on top.
As a child I do photography sometimes and I liked it, but i wasn’t aware that this is one of the important things in my life today. In my 20th I get a bit lost on photography and I am really lucky that my future wife bought me a camera together with my friends for my 30. Birthday. Since this day I sign up on photo communities and try to imitate other photographers, but with my own styles and constantly learn and getting better.

When i am not behind a camera I hang out with my family and friends, often we sitting together talking and having fun. But I am also a big movie Guy and love to go to the cinema or doing some material arts to train my body.

I also cannot thank my future wife enough to supporting me everyday. Without that i would not be there where i am now.
I am also happy that the industrial leader of headshot photography Peter Hurley trained me in Headshot photography and get me two whole new levels. Now I am one of the amazing PH2 Associate Photographers .

I would love to hear your story when you are in front of my cam.

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