The Worst Assaults On Sports Photographers

Being a sports photographer often requires standing in a place of potential danger. However some photojournalists have also found that capturing a sports story off the field or in the locker room can be just as dangerous when a player isn't having a good day. Sports Center has put together 10 of the most outrageous attacks and hits on sports photographers. Not all of these confrontations end as relatively peaceful as Scott Kelby's tackle last year as an NFL photographer.

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thats why i love landscape photography

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None of these people would be where they were today without cameras.

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Multi-millionaire Divas... Same thing going on with these rich rappers.

Kanye West Breaking Camera and lens.
Underage Girl Takes Picture of Jay-Z Without Asking Gets Slapped!

Beyonce And Jay-Z fight with Paparazzi's Gear Gets thrown into a lake!

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No Video but this was pretty funny...

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David, did you not see the link I put in the text?

its funny how they want fame and act like assholes with people who are majorly responsible for it.

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It's funny to me that these sports players get made while they are on the field at video cameramen working for the same organization.  It's not like they were snuck up on my paparazzi 

that's just wrong, as sports stars its part of they're job to be a public figure, they don't have to be mean to them, except for paparazzi's they get rude sometimes and shove cameras in your face

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I get the fact that cameras can be invasive at times, but attacking the cameraman is just ridiculous. As for the guys who get hit with a ball or tackle and get the shot... great job!

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Makes me wanna hate those pro-sporters...

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(pro-sporters) Is that even a word?!?! :P

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here's my son hitting my camera with a shoot. Not the damage. 

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Ouchy! Need a GoPro!

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wow, nice shot....but how much did that cost you?

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I have not had the iPhone repaired. Amazingly  it still works. Now I show it around as a proud Dad.