Artist Perfectly Aligns Landscape Images on Billboards In Front of the Mountains They're Blocking

Artist Perfectly Aligns Landscape Images on Billboards In Front of the Mountains They're Blocking

Artist Jennifer Bolande has created a new art installation whereby landscape photographs "reveal" the sights that can no longer be seen due to billboards.

The temporary artwork is situated along the Gene Autry Trail near Vista Chino, and was shot for Desert X, a site-specific exhibition on view till April 30 in the Coachella Valley.

Each photograph is unique to its position along this route and at a certain point as one approaches each billboard, perfect alignment with the horizon will occur thus reconnecting the space that the rectangle of the billboard has interrupted.

Desert X say that Bolande has chosen to bring back to the forefront of attention the thing so often overlooked; the billboards return focus to the landscape itself. Between February 25th – April 30th 2017, the Coachella Valley and its desert landscape will be the canvas for the exhibition, which highlights global issues such as climate change, starry skies, and tribal culture. The art work is free to view and promises to offer tourists from all over the globe the chance to reflect on a multitude of issues through the artists’ perspective.

Desert X Installation view of Jennifer Bolande, Visible Distance, 2017. Photography on the billboards by Jennifer Bolande. Images featured within this article by Lance Gerber, courtesy the artist and Desert X.

[via Designboom

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stir photos's picture

Next time I go to Vegas, I'm gonna check these out... Thanks for the write-up!

Michael Holst's picture

That's great! I'd love to see this type of thing on the road more often.

Great! I wonder why the owners of those advertising eye sores allowed those ads to be put up? Maybe they were not fully aware of the intent of the artist and may not last very long.

Advertising is a necessity in a free market but sometimes it's allowed to go too far. That last photo is a perfectly horrible example.

Swede Johnson's picture

I think that I shall never see, a billboard lovely as a tree. Indeed unless the billboards fall, I'll never see a tree at all.

Very good! I had to read that twice, and blew a circuit, before I got it. 😁