Artist Shoots His Toy Collection to Recreate 'Star Wars' and Other Sci-Fi Scenes

Artist Shoots His Toy Collection to Recreate 'Star Wars' and Other Sci-Fi Scenes

Oliver Peterson is a painter and media artist trying a different approach to his photo projects. The owner of a toy collection that is several thousand units strong, he ended up discovering his niche: Peterson photographs his toys in handmade sets to create shots that look like action sequences from a film.

“I started fooling around with taking pictures of them for fun,” said Peterson. “And then it just sort of evolved over time, and I got better at it. I take pictures of toys — sometimes outside. Sometimes I make setups inside; hand-built dioramas and props. I look at the world from a 6-inch standpoint and make it work.”

The project is very much a fusion of his passions. The series has given him a new reason to play with the models, while reigniting his love of art, which he says, after years of work, was “burnt out.”

After initially starting using his camera phone, the results he wielded inspired him to begin using a DSLR. While some settings are spontaneous, others are carefully constructed especially for the photo. Building from scratch, Peterson uses materials such as paper, card, styrofoam, and dollhouse parts. It’s fair to say he’s a "Star Wars" fan and has recreated scenes set on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s desert-like home planet, on local beaches.

See more of Peterson’s work below or on his Instagram.

Lead image by Matan Segev.

[via 27 East]

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