Real Life Photoshop: Make-Up Artist Creates Unbelievable Looks That Seem Digitally Generated

Real Life Photoshop: Make-Up Artist Creates Unbelievable Looks That Seem Digitally Generated

Mimi Choi is a make-up artist based in Vancouver. But she doesn’t just make beautiful girls look great: her complex creations will have you second-guessing whether she photoshopped it instead.

A sliced head, multiple sets of eyes, melting facial features: her images are hard to miss. You could be forgiven for thinking it was the work of Photoshop, as at first glance (and second… and sometimes third), it appears this kind of illusion could only be created digitally. Many of the images resemble portraits that have been altered using the clone stamp tool, or that have had their shape altered via liquify. But the brain-teasing images are all created in-camera with her “photo-realistic” makeup skills.

The running theme seems to be graphic horror looks. In one, her entire face and head have been turned into a black hole – her features totally hollowed out. In another, she has intricately patterned her face to make it look as if it’s distorting. I dread to think about the time and patience that has gone into many of these looks! Or if you can’t stomach that, in other pictures, she’s also turned her hand into a hot dog, and her face into a pizza.

Unsurprisingly, Choi has amassed a huge following on her Instagram. See more of our favourite looks of hers below.

Images used with permission of Mimi Choi.

[via PetaPixel]

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It's cool. I didn't feel like sleeping tonight, anyway.

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damn impressive

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Very creative person.

This isn’t makeup, it’s sorcery.

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Am I missing something here or is it really beautiful?