[Video] The Most Famous, Unknown Model In The World

His name is Jesper Bruun and they call him "the most downloaded man in the world." He is a male model that specializes in stock photography which gets published far more than standard photography simply because it is so cheap. I would agree that he is in more legitimate ads than anyone else but I may have to argue that his face is NOT the most used. Noam Galai, may still be winning that contest. I just went to Noam's scream blog for the first time in a few months and once again I am shocked by how many times and ways his face is continued to be used.

via Gizmodo

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Interesting video. The background music is a bit annoying.

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The background music looks like from Sinclair  ay sound module ....

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Maybe I'm a little thick here... So I got that he's "the most downloaded guy on the internet"... What does this guy traveling to see this dude, and that really uncomfortable meeting have to do with it? That was just weird period.

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 Probably a viral marketing video...

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I agree, I don't understand this video at all... very strange and awkward.

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Lee Morris is a better looking version of this guy. ha

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If that's true then I am doing the wrong thing!

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You're just on the wrong side of the lens.  You're only off by one...

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That was hilarious and awkward.

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That was really awkward.

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a stalker/photographer. hmmmm  lol

That dude is a model from Yuri Arcurs studio... no wonder he is the worlds most downloaded dude as he is the worlds best selling stock photographer.
All of his models are seen everywhere and as for the female lead id say this girl is the worlds most downloaded girl...


Fetching image ...
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Nope, actually the most downloaded person is Yuri Arcurs's girlfriend. She's effing everywhere.