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High-End Dodge & Burn Retouch - Start to Finish (3h 30min / Timelaps)

Farbod Green ( VA )

Carmen Carreno - @ccarrenog

Marta Castillo - @officialmarthac
Ana Castillo - @tasdice
[Instagram user names]

Jane Tyrrell - Wild Waters
Fleurie - Fire In My Bones

Retouch Duration:
3h 30min
[+ 1h final retouches]

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
Wacom Intous 5
iMac 21.5"
VA Retouching Actions & Color LUTs (by farbod green)

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Great work - I've started my retouching journey and I always watch these videos to learn more and see where to experiment next and what to look for

I'm really happy to hear that, i hope i could give you some ideas for your workflow. to be honest i used to do the same, i still do watch retouch timelaps sometimes, most of them are too quick to learn something, or too general to be useful. i guess mine is in the "quick" category, but let me know if you need more information about any part of it.