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Black Wind

Standing up agains the wind is not easy, but its joyful after you pass through it, life is full winds and storms, just be strong and show it what you've got...

Camera - Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens - Canon EF50mm f1.8 II
Light - Natural, Cloudy

Canon 5D Mark III
50mm · f/1.8 · 1/8000s · ISO 100
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Haunting shot, great light, would have been cool to have a different wardrobe, the buttons are just a tad distracting, but overall great great shot!

Thank you so much, i really appreciate your comment...
you are right, it could be alot better than what it is now, but to be honest, this shot was not planed at all, it was on a cold windy day on the beach with few of my friends, I'm so lucky that i at least had my camera with me that day.
and about the buttons, I'm 100% agree with you, i wish i was more precise with my edits 3 year ago... but i did tried it right now, i just felt like it makes a big black body on the image with no details, kinda caught in the middle, haha

after all, I'm so honnored to be featured here and proud to have your great comment, thanks to you and the community of FS.

sometimes the best things in life are unplanned ;)

exactly, the moments we live for...
to observe, to capture, and to share with others

That is one breath taking image.

thank you so much

Great shot. Just love it!

thank you

I love this shot.... I read the comment below and although I understand it... I like the buttons. I like that this really looks like you got lucky and caught this shot rather than it being set up. Not to get political, but this picture seems to capture the feeling of a nation.

yea it was my lucky day, some shots are not planed a month ago, they just happen and you realise it either right before you release the shutter or maybe years later after you review your photos.

and about the feelings of a nation, you have absolutely got it right, in Iran where all girls should wear hijab in public areas due to some restricted rules, some times it becomes frustrating. that day even though it was cold and windy but there were lots of people on the beach.
she was saying "i wish i could take this S*** off and feel the wind/air between in my hair", i told her to put the scarf on her face so i can take a photo of her to see what it looks like in the photo so i can adjust the camera first, then she can take it of for few minutes so i can take a photo of her the way she wants, then i realised its more than just a test shot, it actually the sadness and desperation of a girl with hijab who can not have her real hairs fly in the wind.

so if this is what you felt about feeling of a nation, it is what most girls in islamic countries feel.