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Making Of Inner Trip.

Inner trip is about a journey to my inner self. These kind of images appear in my dreams. repeatedly enough to taken them out and bring them to “reality”. That’s my way of auto-analysis and sharing my world with others.

Nothing extraordinary but the extraordinary power that represent bringing your dreams to life. And nothing complicated, just a little of imagination, patience and in this case a small source of light.

Light painting is the technique that I used for the shot; A long exposure shot (1 minute) and a small LED lantern to paint the scene with light.

Working with scale models gives me lost of flexibility for creation. I can build and custom the models as I want, then I take them into the studio and with a mix of on-camera effects, building small dioramas and digital art, the ideas and dreams come to live.

You don't need tons of gear to tell stories. In fact, you just need a camera, a tripod, a lantern and yes, some imagination.

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this is motivating.... wow!

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Super dope!

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Amazing work, Felix! Well done. You're truly an artist.