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Speak Your Heart Campaing

Hi Good People!!

Here’s a little bit more about me.

I lived in a van in the last 8 months, while traveling and photographing!

It was a dream achieved that I thought I wouldn’t be able to make come true so soon. During this time, I did charity work, getting to know a bit more in depth the people and the world around me. I started noticing how dark the news about refugees were, putting them in a lot of times as criminals and unwanted people, instead of being helped to attain a certain dignity of life.

So Rita, my beautiful wife and owner of AvanHeart Cosmetics decided to start doing promotions on her vegan and cruelty-free makeup products, donating part of the profits to Karuna Trust, as a way to create awareness and help their so heartfelt and beautiful cause of aiding women and children in India.

After an amazing Summer (which I’ll upload some photos soon), we came to a conclusion. We needed to take action and do something about the atrocities being committed daily to refugees, specially the ones closer to us which have been denied a deserved help.

So Rita, created this Campaign, called “Speak Your Heart” to show that, even in times of war, even in different conditions and parts of the European country, our perception of empowerment changes. For some women in Western Europe, being able to dance, model, sing, compete in professional sports is a way to feel empowered.

On the other hand, how do the refugee women entering this European Union in a moment of crisis perceive empowerment?

Will they want similar goals in life, or can they find other ways of empowerment in the hardest conditions of their lives?

We want you to be part of this campaign and share our journey and achievements.

Support us be sharing this cause on your social media, by donating, by talking about these moments that are part of our generation.

We are all the same, part of the same planet, and every human being deserves an opportunity to thrive.

I leave you with our campaign and connect with you soon!

Best of all,


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boa sorte Joao.
Tudo de bom.
Grande ideia, grande projecto.

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Obrigado Rui!! :D