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Toy Soldier

TOY SOLDIER is the littlest action movie you’ll see all day...in height and length. With a damsel-in- distress hostage trapped behind enemy lines, Captain Mac is her only hope. His platoon was ambushed and has taken cover in a desert gully. He’s outgunned and outmanned but he has a ton of courage packed into his little plastic action figure body!
This “little” film packs a huge punch. Made using macro-photography, stop-motion, visual effects, and classic action movie techniques from the Shwarzenegger era, director Will Allen’s humorous homage to classic action films sits somewhere between Team America and Black Hawk Down...but shorter. Much shorter.
Captain Maclyn Guyver- Michael Bates Lieutenant- Alexander Demers
Female Hostage- Cristina Fernandez Helicopter Pilot- Jason Barlaan
Soldiers and Bad Guys- Alexander Demers, Michael Bates, Jason Barlaan, and Nacho
Written, Edited, and Directed by Will Allen
Director of Photography- Matt Palmer
Executive Producer- Will Allen
Musical Score by Jonathan Byram
Sound Designer- Michael Schmidt
Costumes and Puppets- Cristina Fernandez Alexander Demers
1st Assistant Director- Alex Gadd
2nd Assistant Director- Joseph Sousa
Puppeteer- Alexander Demers
Additional Photography- Derek Deems
Voice Over Recordist- Nacho
Special Thanks to
Cristina Fernandez
Kurt Rodeghiero
California Institute of the Arts
The City of Santa Clarita
Those Gangsters Who Didn’t Shoot Us

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Nice concept. do share more of these and stills as well.