Steve Steinmetz's picture


"New Spot" Steve has been a friend of ours for three plus years now. He started off
as a skating acquaintance and slowly began to hang out after skating. It wasn't until a
year or two after knowing Steve that we found out he skates by himself, even after he has
skated with us. Even gnarlier, he films by himself on a tri-pod, but not just little pu$$y things.
Sometimes big boy things.
Steve has been with us since FESTER was a thought, and to where we
are now, (The World Greatest Wheel Company). Being the main photographer we skate with, and
master mind of all Fester photos and GC photos as of recent, we have asked him to be the official
Fester Photographer. When he showed me this edit, I was shocked! I had no idea Steve was this
skilled at skating. Even more, by himself. With the exception of 2 or 3 tricks this edit was filmed,
edited, and skated by yours truly,"New Spot Steve" Steinmetz. We are proud to post this along with
our team edits, and even more proud to flow Steve product and have him rep. Fester!

- Damien Wilson

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