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Cedric TOSONI Photographer - Croatie - Eléa

Photography, Filmed & Edited by Cédric TOSONI
Editorial: http://www.cedric-tosoni.co.uk/croatia-model-ela
Featuring Eléa
Song: Kygo Feat. Conrad Sewell - Firestone
Place: Dubrovnik, Croatie

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That was ridiculous. Either do it or don't do it.

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Hello, Can you develop your reasoning? I do not understand. I was to see your profile to get an idea of your work, unfortunately I did not find any information ...

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Either show her breasts or cover them. OOF/pixilation stuff just looks like cheap porn. I just think it would be better to obscure them, if you want to, with something creative.
JMO :-/

Cedric TOSONI's picture

Ah ok, it's for Youtube censorship, an uncensored version will be put on line on vimeo.

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I'm not lobbying for uncensored. Just be more creative about it. Again, just my opinion.

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Very pretty model captured with sensitivity. Nice.

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I don't want to see it a second time.