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VINTAGE LENS - $100 Canon FD 24mm F2.8 Lens shooting $16,000 rare books

March 28, 2018

In this video I'm trying out my Vintage Canon FD 24mm F2.8 in THE COOLEST antique bookstore in TORONTO. It's straight out of The NEVERENDING STORY and has some really amazing works, including the VERY FIRST ENGLISH DICTIONARY for $16,500...ya it's THAT kind of bookstore...magic.

I'm shooting on my Sony A7SII with a fotodiox adapter to mount my FD lens. Also note that I was also shooting with my modern Sony 16-35mm F4 but i've labeled what lenses I use where. Just keep an eye out for that SWEET SWEET BOKEH...you'll know what lens I'm on ;).

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