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The Great Latin American Eclipse 4K

A Magical journey under the Stars from the island of Rapanui to unbelievable Patagonia and from endless Salt Flats of Uyuni to the land of the Incas.

-I truly love Easter Island especially Ahu Tongariki, I went up there several times just to the the Perfect shot with my 85mm f1.2 and the LMC (Large Magellanic Cloud) near it.
Also there are shots with SMC (Small Magellanic Cloud), off-course with both of them.
In my Page you can also see a big Shooting Star just in the middle of them with Ahu Tongariki under it.
-There are several aerial captures from Rapanui but there is also the "Fallen Moai" that I love with view both Ahu Tongariki and Rano Raraku.

-Torres Dell Paine in Patagonia Chile is just unbelievable! As the morning Sun is touching the "Horns" or the Red light of the Sunset touches Torres Dell Paine.... Just watch it!

-What can I say, what can I right... Bolivia is just Amazing! Love it! The Nature, the Salt Flats, the Landscapes is absolutely Amazing!

-And for the last ...just a little Machu Picchu and Waqrapukara everybody knows the Incas!

-Now lets Dance! We already said about LMC and SMC but the upside down Constellations and the Milkyway up the to center of the Sky! Wow! Wow! Atacama was fantastic! The Sky was super dark and super cold, we enjoy it at Vulcan Putana at -12°C with the Greek Team and off-course at the Hand of the Desert(but there was so many cars up-there).

-The Highlight! TSE 2019! Total Solar Eclipse was the best of the Trip! We saw it at La Higuera, Chile :)

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