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A hike through Bhutan - Gangtey Valley - Bhutan

April 18, 2020

Arriving after a 3 hour drive into Gangtey Valley, we (the guide and myself) stayed at a small place in the valley. Waking up in the morning to sunrise, I grabbed breakfast and set off on a day solo walk/hike to get a peak at the endangered Black-necked cranes and to explore the cold winter valley. Black-necked crane populations in Bhutan are well protected both culturally and legally although some disturbance from tourism exists

The hike started at the top of Gangtey Monastery and made its way down into the valley. While I did hike for most of the day and wandered around the valley. This was day 5 of a 10 day trip of walking, driving, hiking, exploring through the country of Bhutan.

During the day the temperature did not get above 41F / 5C and quickly dropped to 32F / 0C as the sunset which is why I had to keep taking my jacket on and off

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