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Snowy start of 2021 for Landscape Photography

January 10, 2021

2021 started off with a LOT of snow in Estonia and what a glorious start it was.
Firstly just want to say hi to everyone and thank you to all the subscribers so far and..... drumroll

In this episode, we are looking for scenes at a location called Nõmmeski rapids.
As we just found some time with my Friend Imre who now lives really close by to this amazing location with just drove there and goofed around looking for images as long as we had some light left and even after sundown.
Firstly found a fantastic image overlooking a shallow riverbed that bends in the shape of an S and snowy and glistening frost-covered trees on the left and right side of it.
For the second image, we tried to find a new perspective of really well-documented rapids and found a small foam patch making circles in the water. So we used that to give a lower focus point to the image and went from there.
NB! Then my tripod broke :( after 7 years. I Will try to repair it but ... not that sure how that is going to work out.
For the last image of the day, we left the main location and drove to a place I just drove by earlier that day and something about that location (Bridge :D) just pulled me back. Thank god that it did because that is my favorite image of the day!

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