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Zabu Mutua's picture

Beat It

Directed by: Zabu Mutua |

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robert bates's picture

Love this video, great angles and framing, wicked mix of jacko's track beat it. Loved it totally..

Zabu Mutua's picture

Thanks Robert it was just for fun lol, I know it's random.

Vince Smith's picture

I love it, teaching myself video and look at this as inspiration

Hamza A's picture

There are rules in Video editing for a reason...
Cutting from one shot to another of the same angle, shot, doesn't work when it's random.
Close up to close up to close up does not work, same as wide to wide to wide for no apparent reason.

Zabu Mutua's picture

agreed, but rules are meant to be broken. This isn't a film, just a fun mashup lol. Not that serious.

Don Bailey's picture

who was the model in this video