[BTS Video] Timberland Coal Mine Photo Shoot

Photog Tyler Stableford shoots for Timberland in an active coal mine without any models. Tyler chose to put the boots right on the workers and capture the real grit and grime that happens 2,500ft under ground. I love that they used a high power LED light to make the boots "pop" in the image. I do that regularly with event photography when I want to highlight a detail on the table, wall, etc. Im not sure which model light they're using, but I like to use the Surefire Fury. Enjoy!

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What is the music used for this video!  GREAT pics!!!

Garrett Graham's picture

What a job man that looks amazing!

romain vernede's picture

Really love the final pics!
wanna see more of the  lighting shemes or setting!

Hi Néde, we posted a bit more information about the lighting setups on The Strobist blog here:
Thanks for your interest!

romain vernede's picture

 Thanks a lots Tyler, very nice job, thank you for sharing exifs!!
I 'll stay tuned on strobist too...