[BTSV] Contest: A Desert Fashion Shoot Without the Sand or Sun

A short and sweet behind the scenes look at a desert sand storm photo shoot, without the desert.

Video filmed by : Taylor Tracy
Model : Nicole Keimig
Hair and Makeup : Sara Larson

via [BehindtheScenesContest] [ContestEntries]
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Way cool.

Jacques's picture

Video not watchable in Germany due to stupid GEMA protection.

Stefan Choquette's picture

Wasn't this already posted?

You are indeed correct: http://fstoppers.com/the-wednesday-rundown-11-0-11

Pro tip: you can search if a post has been previously added to the site by googling with keyword site:fstoppers.com. The link in this post was found by googling for site:fstoppers.com sandstorm.

Anyone know the music? Whats this remix called?

they mention it in the comments on the youtube video "3LAU GIrls Who save the world"
if i'm not completely mistaken though, the main mix is by avicii....