[BTSV] Contest Entry: Transcend (informative/entertaining)

"The last thing we want to see is another music video." "The last thing we want to see is another music video." "The last thing we want to see is another music video." No matter how many times we say it, we get submission after submission of uninformative videos where people take some footage, drop in some music and send it along. Not the case with Caleb's first ever BTS video where he shows you, in painstakingly long detail, how he got his ethereal final image. He even made me chuckle a bit but lied to me when he said "...the next ten minutes.", cause this vid is 32 minutes long. :) Get those contest entries in kids.

via [BehindtheScenesContest]
From Kenn:
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James's picture

Epic intro ! lol!! 

Caleb Spillyards's picture

thanks man!

Thanks for scaring the living crap out of me the last half second!

Kenn Tam's picture

Lol.  I totally missed that the first time around but went back after reading your comment.  And ya,  I jumped.  :P

Caleb Spillyards's picture

haha! well thanks for watching that far!

Nick Shek's picture

aww come on, spoiler alert. Now I'm not gonna jump! :)

Caleb Spillyards's picture

ha!  well at least you know to stay tuned!

Caleb Spillyards's picture

haha i wondered if anyone was gonna see that

I don't really know a lot about video editing. Does anyone know how he made his head explode in the into?

Caleb Spillyards's picture

well, i actually used after effects, and basically shot two different shots on a tripod without touching the camera or lighting at all.  so essentially, i hit record, walked in front of the camera, did the intro and then fell down.  Then i got up and did the shotgun part and finished it up with the actual intro.  in post, i basically cut those shots together to where they overlapped, and then using a mask, i masked in the 2nd shot so that half of the frame was one shot, and half of the frame was the other shot. (which is why im on theleft side of frame in the beginning and the right said in the second "me"  then i keyframed the mask to move  left as i stepped more into the center, and as my first "me" fell out of frame.  Once that was all done and edited together, i took a freeze frame of a shot where i wasnt in frame at all, and basically placed it underneath (after effects works in layers) the first layer which was my "getting shot me" so that i could create an eliptical mask and the background would show intead of my head.  after that, haha, i created ANOTHER freeze frame and selected my head and masked it back in, and used an effect called pixel polly, which basically takes whatever image you have the effect on and shatters it.  you can adjust it to be round and blurred which i did, then changed the color to be like dark red.  i then used some prekeyed blood squirt footage and inserted it into the shot.  i know thats really confusing sounding, but if you are really interested you should check out videocopilot.net  they have great tutorials and thats wherei learned those tricks. hope this sheds some light!



I quite like the length of the video, thanks for the details!!!! Let's see more!

Caleb Spillyards's picture

hopefully ill post more soon! and ill work on the ums!

I really wish he used a tripod to shoot the video. The broadcast student in me couldn't ignore it.

Tripods for video are so 20th century/corporate. Definitely like the feel of the off tripod videography!

Caleb Spillyards's picture

yeah i wasnt to happy with that either to be honest.  i probably didnt need it to be handheld, but didnt know how much i would move.  it was only super bad in the part where i am across the room.  i think he was like repositioning or something.  i should have just cut to something else.  sorry about that!

He should win just for the intro. Memorable

Caleb Spillyards's picture

thank you! that was the goal! wanted to grab everyones attention!

Loved the video! Thanks, Caleb. My only question is what software is used for recording your desktop actions into video? I'm interested in doing my own tutorials soon, also. Thanks!

He used Screenflow.

Caleb Spillyards's picture

yep! hes dead on.  it was screen flow.  works great

wow! This is a winner!

Caleb Spillyards's picture

thank you so much! im just glad they sort of featured it!  makes me glad i did it

Super informative, awesome video. A bit longish but everything was great. Best intro too :)

Caleb Spillyards's picture

thank you! i tried to cut it down but it was tough!

Jason Schoshke's picture

The "Um" 's are KILLING it.  Great shot, nice video otherwise...but...."UM"....I don't know..."UM"....yeah..."UM"

Caleb Spillyards's picture

yeah man im sorry! :( my gf said the same thing when i was done, but it was the third time i recorded it and it was getting late cause i had to edit it together the same night.  i appreciate you watching it through the UMS.  i hope that doesnt hurt my chances to bad.  stuff liek that drives me crazy too haha.  thanks for checking it out though!

Caleb Spillyards's picture

thanks for watching everyone!

Hey, thanks for the explanation of the intro. I've down similar stuff in photoshop, but only to still shots. I actually bought tutorials from Aaron Nace online about three years ago, he does some great stuff. Nice work again, I really liked your tutorial, keep them coming.

José T.'s picture

I feel like this is an instant winner. Really good.

Wooow man , i just gotta say, love this foto.....keep up the good work and really i´m  looking forward to see more of your work......
Michel Diot