[BTSV] Contest: HDR Strobed Sequence of a Flying Snowmobile

Ya, you read the title correctly, I said flying snowmobile. See X-Games gold medalist Justin Hoyer, flipping through the air as captured by photographer Andy Kawa and Videographer Luke Parmeter.

"For our Behind the Scenes Contest entry we shot an HDR flash lit action sequence, utilizing the talent of X-Games gold medalist Justin Hoyer, here's how we did it.
Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!”

via [BehindtheScenesContest] [ContestEntries]
From Kenn:
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Amazing video. So good that you almost could do a BTS of the video shoot :D

Keep up !

Noah's picture

love The Sounds as the background music at 7:08 ;)

i dunno, just my personal opinion here, TOTALLY great BTS video, but the flash exposure on the rider looks a little dark...he shows 1/250s f/8 iso 320 at the end of the video...i would have pushed it to 1/320 or 1/400s, being that all the flash exposed area is up higher in the frame, and gone down to f/7.1 or f/6.3 to get a little brighter flash exposure...or take the iso to 400.....and honestly, i'm sure he shot raw, so he prob could have just pushed the flash exposed layers (the rider) to brighten him up a bit more...i dunno, i just feel like the rider doesn't pop quite enough...

Joop van Roy's picture

I totally agree, the final image is too dark. There's no shame in brightening up the rider in post, especially after all the trouble they've gone through to get the shot. Very cool video though!

I think so too. he could possibly achieve quite the same result by just using the raw files brightening up and saturating the rider (even just a bit) - i mean.. it's "fake" then, but.. watching how much he did in post anyways...
so much effort with the usage of studioflashes, generator and stuff.. probably, looking at the final image, there was no need for it.
however, nice bts vid with really great and skillful action!

LT from Entice's picture

I like the exposure he did, I'm so sick of seeing those HDR photos that look fake. Given the lighting all around the i.e. the ramp and the landing, I think it looks natural. Isn't that the point?

Nice work Andy! 

ofc, i like the exposure too, no doubt! but the point is, i mentioned, that i'm sure he wouldn't need to use such an equipment or rather take such a big effort to get a result like this.
and again.. i really like the pic the way it is!

Actually, I think Justin Hoyer might just be sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink, but I'm not quite sure yet... :P