[BTSV] Contest: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Film vs Digital Video

"My name is David Keller, and this is my BTS entry for fstoppers 2011 contest. This video takes you behind the scenes of a test shoot for a feature film called 'Warrior'. The director tells you about the film, explains why he is choosing 16mm film over digital alternatives, and talks about how the scene is set up. The video also offers a side-by-side comparison of Super-16mm film, and the digital video of a Panasonic AF-100. The video isn't meant to be instructional, but there are several things a person can take from it. I hope yall enjoy it!"

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From Kenn:
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Obviously there's a big difference between the analog and digital comparison shots because the white balance is way cooler on the Panny. Not really the best comparison.

The dynamic range seems a lot better on the film?

saw much better bts videos up here.. 

brilliant entry!  best one i've seen!

Aww c'mon REALLY? Are you serious?
Out of ALL the cameras to compare the DR to film on, they used the Pana AF100?

Most DSLRs have better dynamic range than that camera does and it's been tested at least THREE TIMES in scientific and reality based shoot out demonstrations. Not to mention that it's a micro 4/3rds sensor, doesn't render highlights or darks very well and is noisy as all hell overall.

Of course super16 is better. Hell, your iPhone probably has an equivalent sensor to the AF100 honestly. Now if they compared 5D on LogC, Red Epic, Alexa or F3 on s-Log, then the story would be completely different.

This is a dirt poor attempt at the pro-film desperate arguments happening as of late. So paper thin, it's a joke.

I've seen this video before without the BTS intro animation.