[Deal] The Nikon P7000 Is Currently 50% Off At Amazon

It's that time of the year again when all of our favorite photo gear goes on sale. We plan to post sales all day long on our Facebook and Twitter page but for the best deals like the one below, we will post them on Fstoppers. Online sales sometimes only last a few minutes so we will be pulling posts down once the deal is no longer available. Currently the Nikon P7000 is 50% off at Amazon.

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Hah, i am the only one who read D7000 in the title? 

I wish!

Bought this for a little backup and to shoot a little video with. Works great, a little slow at times is it's down fall. You can attach your triggers to the hot shoe and has a stereo mic input on it for video, which is a huge plus. Bought it refurbed for 289.99 off amazon, so this is a way better deal. Buy it. 

aaaah bummer only US shipping...