Photo Throwdown Episode 2 Part 1 Released! The Show Goes West Coast!

Photo Throwdown returns for their second episode! Last time we were with them in New York City for their premiere episode. Now the gang are tearing it up in San Diego with challenges pitting two of their own very talented crew against each other! Both competitors will have to scramble to win the mini-challenge in hopes of getting a leg up on their compeitition for the main challenge!

This week, Photo Throwdown has given us some mighty talent in selecting two of their own to compete.

First up is Portland's Levy Moroshan. He is the Director of Photography for Photo Throwdown and a talented portrait and commerical photographer whom has risen to every challenge and smashed it in the face. (Levy's Headshot Photo by Damian Battinelli)

San Diego's own Dan Hughes is the other contestant and is Photo Throwdown's Director of Education. Dan has been one of the development talents behind a little software organization called Nik Software, which got acquired by Google a couple of years ago. This man is no keyboard jockey. Dan has quite the talented eye for photography and is an ace in post production and his resumé and work backs that up by the truckload. (Dan's Headshot Photo by Damian Battinelli)

The episode covers the first mini-challenge and allows us to get familiar with both photographers and their process on how to make the most quintessential San Diego shot. As viewers, we get to see the shots before they are judged by legendary photographer Tim Mantoani, which we'll get to see in the final part next week!

Here's Levy's golden hour shot from the mini-challege:

And Dan's elaborate, well-coordinated shot:

What do you guys think? Who did San Diego better? Sound off in the comments below!

Images used with permission from Photo Throwdown, Damian Battinelli, Levy Moroshan and Dan Hughes.

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Vividshot Photography's picture

I like Levy's shot more as it makes me want to go there, while Dan's is a great picture but looks a bit like a composite because of the high sharpness and a plane overhead actually takes away a bit of the emotion of what is happening below. good sharp technical shot, but evokes less emotion...