[Video] Incredible Timelapse Of Earth From Space

NASA must be training actual photographers to go into space these days, this timelapse of Earth as seen from the International Space Station is proof. This is one of the radest timelapse videos I have seen of Earth and it's weather. From auroras to electrical storms, this video illustrates just how incredible this planet's environment can be. Full details in the description on Vimeo. Enjoy!

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seriously corey, you're killing me. Will you please re-read the last 6 months of F-Stoppers or could Patrick or Lee become editiors that vet the material being posted here?

i think that the video posted last ear was not exactly this video

sorry that you had to see this awesome and free footage more than once. Hope it didn't ruin your day.

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If you're using WP3 I suggest using EditFlow plugin.

Hi Stefan, send me an email if you have critiques

old but dope

This was posted about 3 or 4 months ago.